The Official Website of Goodman Wave Theory


This integrated and holistic approach to markets was developed by trader-extraordinaire, Charles B. Goodman. He taught his methods to only me  and no other person or website is authorized by me to teach Goodman Wave Theory.

While the GoodmanWorks emphasis is on FOREX,  the Goodman Method of Trading may be used in both the commodity futures and equity markets.

The Getting Started area is for those who have read Mr. Archer’s Getting Started in Currency Trading, Fourth Edition. It provides downloadable forms used in the book, offers updates on brokers and services, reviews and a Getting Started Blog for answering readers’ questions and expanding on topics in the book.

The ongoing technical analysis work of Mr. Archer is also presented including the Trend Machine, the FOREX Propensity Index, Open Interest for FX and other research – all in Analytica.

FX Bullish Consensus is a FOREX contrary opinion tool for currency traders based on a weekly poll of 35 professional traders.

GoodmanWorks also presents periodic on-demand Webinars on a variety of FOREX and technical analysis subjects.